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Absorbable bioactive
interference screw

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LockActiv is a composite interference screw, absorbable and bioactive which stimulates the bone regeneration.

With our patented technology wich mixes PLDLA and bioactive glass, LockActiv has a failure torque 3x greater than the insertion torque for more security. The rounded threads and surface maximized with the graft avoids abrasion of the graft and maintains it.

The bioactive property of LockActiv ensures bone regeneration within the tunnel and its degradation products are naturally metabolized by the body.

Visuel LockActiv

LockActiv is a Tibial and femoral fixation of the tendon graft or autogenous tendon used in the reconstruction of the cruciate ligaments of the knee, in particular with the Kenneth Jones and semi-tendinosus gracilis techniques.


  avantages   Improved mechanical resistance
  avantages   Safe Introduction
  avantages   Graft integrity preserved
  avantages   Safe maintainance on the graft
  avantages   Better tolerance : buffering and maintaining the physiological pH
  avantages   Complete osseointegration of the screw

LockActiv resorbable and bioactive interference screw is medical device Class III. LockActiv is indicated in the fastening of knee cruciate ligaments reconstruction.

Logo FixLoop
Tendon fixation system
with cortical support

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FixLoop, ligament attachment system provides an optimal solution for adjustable trans-osseous fixation of the transplant for the ligament reconstruction. This medical device is an alternative to the interference screw.

FixLoop is a fixation system with cortical support which consists of a braided continuous loop in Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), a titanium button Ti- Al-6-4V ELI and traction Sutures in UHMWPE with different colors.

Table FixLoop

FixLoop, ligament attachment system is a medical device classe IIb, CE0459. Read the instruction of use.


  avantages   Mechanical resistance: reduced break up risk
  avantages   Excellent biocompatibility
  avantages   Secure use: optimal device visibility
  avantages   Range, adapted to different tunnel’s length

FixLoop, ligament attachment system is a medical device classe IIb, CE0459. Read the instruction of use.

Logo FixFiber
Tendon tissue
fixation system

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FixFiber surgical sutures are made in Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). The breading is a patented technology that combines colored strand and piercing needles. The penetration of FixFiber is improved 12%.

Graphique FixFiber

FixFiber sutures are indicated for use in general soft tissue ligation, and the use of allograft tissue for knee, shoulder and small joints surgeries.


  avantages   Mechanical resistance, reducing the risk
of breaking in use
  avantages   Guaranteed visibility in surgical site,
improving efficacy
  avantages   Optimal insertion and reduced tissue lesions
  avantages   Ease of ligature

FixFiber, Non absorbable suture, is a medical device class III, CE0459. FixFiber sutures are indicated for ligaments and tendons fixation. Read the instructions of use.

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