Activioss® Membrane

Resorbable bilayer synthetic membrane

Activioss® Membrane is a resorbable bilayer synthetic membrane, with a biomimetic structure to promote full bone regeneration. Its synthetic property induces reliable characteristics, in terms of fabrication, in order to ensure predictable and reproducible results.9 10 11

Activioss® Membrane is made of synthetic polymer: the choice of this material ensures an excellent biocompatibility and an optimal resorption, allowing hard and soft tissues regeneration. 9 10 11

Activioss® Membrane is indicated in Guided Bone Regeneration and Guided Tissue Regeneration. The isolation of the bone defect, combined with the bone filling Activioss® Granule offers a 100% synthetic solution.

Resistant and supple, setting up Activioss® Membrane is easy, and allows the blood clot fixation, favoring tissue healing.
The Jet-Spraying technology is a French patented technology, allowing manufacturing a bilayer membrane, with a rough biomimetic structure. This nano-fibrillar layer has a 10 µm porosity, to allow blood vessels and bone cells development between the fibers.9

The thick and smooth layer has been developed to ensure a full barrier effect during the 4 first critical weeks for gingival tissues healing. Moreover, the Jet-Spraying technology and the polymer selection allowed developing a membrane with a good physiological tolerance, to allow a 6 months degradation, with a gradual and controlled process.9 10 11


Activioss® Membrane, medical device class III, manufactured by Biomedical Tissues, CE Mark n°(0459). Activioss® Membrane is indicated for periodontal and implant surgery. Read the instructions supplied with the product for complete information.

Indications and recommendations

The resorbable bilayer synthetic Activioss® Membrane is indicated in Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) and Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR), in periodontal and implant surgery:

  • Sinus floor elevation
  • Extraction socket
  • Periodontal treatments
  • Bone augmentation
  • Bony dehiscence and apical fenestration

The Activioss® range is composed of 3 product references:

Resorbable Bilayer Synthetic Membrane : Biomimetic tissue engineered matrix for GTR and GBR


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