Glassbone® Injectable Putty

Injectable putty for bone regeneration

Inspired by an innovative and reliable technology, Glassbone injectable putty is indicated in orthopedic CMF and spine surgeries.
Composed of bioactive glass 45S5 and a polymer, it is 100% synthetic and completely assimilable by the body.

Bioactive Glass is made of silicium, calcium, sodium and phosphorus minerals, which are naturally presents in the human body and ensure excellent biocompatibility and osteoconduction.


Glassbone injectable putty is composed of 45S5 bioactive glass and a polymer. This composite technology allows it to be very easily malleable and applicable in complex defects. It is sold directly in the syringe, ready to use.

Glassbone injectable putty provides surgeons and patients with optimal safety during implantation for a natural and effective bone regeneration.

Glassbone injectable putty is developed and manufactured in France with local partners to ensure optimum quality.

Glassbone®, Bone graft substitute is a medical device class III, manufactured by NORAKER and whose conformity assessment was conducted by LNE / G-MED (0459).
Glassbone® is indicated for filling bone defects. Read the instructions supplied with the product for complete information on indications, cons-indications, warnings and precautions, and adverse effects. 

Bioactive Glass : the key technology to regenerate your bones

Intended use

Glassbone® injectable putty is a synthetic, bioactive and absorbable bone substitute, intended for the filling, reconstruction and/or fusion of bone defects or gaps in the skeletal system, in orthopedic surgery, spine, craniomaxillofacial surgery and ENT.

Indications and target population

Loss or lack of bone substance for bone defects of traumatic, pathological or surgical origin when autologous solutions are not applicable or sufficient in orthopedics, neurosurgery, cranio maxillo facial and otorhinolaryngology surgery in children and adult population:

  • Fusion or reconstruction of deformities and degenerative diseases in spine
  • Fusion or reconstruction of deformities and degenerative bone pathologies in orthopedic
  • Filling and reconstruction of bone defects due to resection of tumors, cyst or infection and in of prosthetic revision
  • Filling after surgical bone defect (donor sites after removal of autograft, trepanation, …)
  • Filling after removal of cholesteatoma
  • Filling and reconstruction due to maxilla and periodontium pathologies (in adult only).

Orthopaedic reconstruction


Prosthesis Revision


Spinal Fusion

Bioactive Bone Substitute


Glassbone® Injectable Putty is ready to use. It can be directly injected through the serynge.

*Non disponible en France/Non available in France

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